About J.M.M. Killorglin Ltd.

J.M.M. Killorglin Ltd. has been organizing hunting trips & rough shooting i.e woodcock, snipe, duck etc. for over 30 years and deer stalking for over 20 years. Our organization is well known throughout the European hunting community as it has a reputation second to none.

We have to mention that there was a film "Chasses d'Irlande Terre de becasses" made by French television crew and has been shown in many countries throughout Europe. This film was made a number of years ago and solely on our hunting grounds. It shows rough shooting and deer hunting.

The home of woodcock shooting in Ireland

Why Choose Us?

  • J.M.M. Killorglin Ltd. is located only 30 min. from Kerry airport and 1.5 hour from Cork airport
  • We have a vast area for rough shooting with tens of thousands of hectares which include bogs, hills, swamps, hedges and thick groves and forestry
  • Everything is in it for your hunting trip. It's a dream for the country hunting "sportsmen" who want the difficulty of the shot and not the abundance of tables bag
  • Our hunting ground are in: Killorglin, Black Valley, Kenmare, Killarney, Waterville, Glencar etc
  • Our guides know the terrain very well and know the best areas under different weather conditions
  • Kerry region is known as the best part of Ireland for shooting sika deer as their population in very high and is rising every year