sika deer hunting

For challenging and exciting hunting in Ireland it would be hard to beat a days deer hunting.

Our experienced stalkers will guide you through thousands of acres of the finest Irish woodlands ( J.M.M. Killorglin Ltd.. Have exclusive hunting rights ) in the Killarney area, which have been home to Sika deer since early Victorian times.J.M.M. Killorglin Ltd. can now offer you the opportunity to join in the sport traditionally enjoyed by the noblemen of Ireland.

Deer hunting is a rugged sport that requires stamina, determination, a quick eye and a steady hand by the hunter it is not a sport for the faint hearted. Be prepared for long walks over bog, moor and mountain, across stream and river the deer does not come to you, you must hunt him. At the end of the day when you look at your prize you will know that it was worth all the effort.

A hunting party is usually conducted as follows:

  • You hunt in the company of a guide, stalking or stand hunting
  • You stalk for a few hours from dawn until e.g. 10.30 11am
  • Return to your accommodation to get a rest or do some touring because during the day sikas are in hiding
  • Hunting in the evening again meeting your guide at around 4.30p.m and stalk until dark

SEASON: from 1st September to end of December

Hunting clothing: camouflage (the sika is very cautious) raincoat and high gortex boots.

Weapons normally used: rifle 243, 5.6, 6.5, 270, 300, 3006 or 308 calibers.

It is the best to bring quite a powerful rifle in order to make a clean kill, because if the sika escapes you will not find it again as the undergrowth vegetation is very dense.